Front Yard Geothermal: It Begins

Written by Mike

Drilling Truck on the Front YardYou would think after looking forward to it for so long, I'd actually be there when the truck drove onto the front yard.  Shopping for a geothermal contractor began in early July, we sent a deposit in early September, I blogged my excitement in October, and at last, the truck was here.  But I was at work.

I knew they might be here today, and I could have been home. But I expected to get a call from Bruce, the driller, when they arrived.  Plus, I didn't want to get my hopes up. Things come up. Lately things especially seem to come up with Bruce's equipment -- exploding tires, mysterious fuel pump issues, running into a deer...

So I was really surprised when I came home to this.

Bruce and his colleague Herb arrived around 5:00, set up, and so far have gone 40' down the first well.  Tomorrow I will take a video, but for now, one more picture of a big drilling machine in a small front yard:

I can't wait for tomorrow!

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