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Wauwatosa Energy Committee. A Committee of the Wauwatosa Common Council devoted to energy matters. Green Neighbor - Wauwatosa was inspired by the this group's Community Energy Efficiency subcommittee (led by John Bahr). The Energy Committee's recommendations to the Common Council were endorsed by a vote of 11-1 on 2/15/2011. Recommendation 7 includes, "Expand community outreach on energy issues. Continue the development of a home-based energy efficiency program for city residents." We hope to be part of that effort.

Renew Wisconsin Logo

Renew Wisconsin.  Supporters of renewable energy in Wisconsin, Renew are fiscal sponsors of Green Neighbor - Wauwatosa.


Sierra Club - Great Waters Group.  Local chapter of the Sierra Club, volunteers with this group (including former staff member Rosemary Wehnes) were the major contributors to the Green Neighbor Checklist.
Tosa Farmers Market Tosa Farmers Market.  Our local farmers market, a great place to go for local, often organic produce and a terrific sense of community.
Handshake Wauwatosa Neighborhood Associations.  Wauwatosa has a strong structure of over 20 independent neighborhood associations, supported by a Neighborhood Association Council (NAC).  Green Neighbor - Wauwatosa seeks to support these associations, especially as they focus on sustainability.
Transition Milwaukee Transition Milwaukee.  Our very energetic local branch of the global Transition movement.  Organizers of Power Down Week, movie showings, re-skilling workshops and many other events.
Enact Logo Enact, a program of Madison Environmental Group, is headed by Dr. Sonya Newenhouse.  Dr. Newenhouse is the author of Enact: Steps to Greener Living, which is available online and in hard copy at a discounted price on their web site.  Enact: Steps to Greener Living is one of the recommended guide books for our study/ action groups.
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The Low Carbon Diet, and the Green Living Handbook, both by David Gerson of the Empowerment Institute, are also recommended guide book for our study/ action groups.  The web site includes an easy to use carbon footprint calculator (one of many on the web, of course).

Northwest Earth Institute - Choices for Sustainable Living

The Northwest Earth Institute has a number of excellent books designed for group discussion.

Focus on Energy Logo Focus on Energy.  Wisconsin's utility-funded organization to promote energy conservation and renewable energy.  Their web has many resources, including information on Focus cash incentives for efficient appliances and renewables.
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